physical therapy to walk again

Im a 53 yr old male with 64 broken bones and need serious help with physical and water therapy to walk again.I’ve tried everything you can think of for help,and I’ll never walk again if someone will only help me,please someone help.I have a crushed pelvic and also no hip,socket or crown bones that hold your leg together to walk.My leg bone is stuck inside my pelvic with 3 screws to hold it and thats what I walk with,sopposed to walk on.My question,where can I find free help,the state dont pay enough to get me walking,it runs out then I fall back to square one.Life has been hard for me,struggling to get better,please can someone help me find HELP..Thank you.

I was hit by a car on my bicycle 8 months ago. My knee was very bad for about two weeks and I had to use crutches for a few days and limit my walking activities for a month. After a couple of months everything seemed fine, but I still experienced pain when I would go jogging and had to stop after 100 yards or more. I does seem to slowly be getting better, but I still cannot run for more than 200 yards. My doctor says that knee sprains can take a long time to heal completely and I should continue with my knee exercises and physical therapy. My physical therapist said I have some scar tissue that she can feel, but it should gradually resolve. My question is how long? It has been 8 months. Should I seek another opinion and look for more aggressive treatment or have a MRI? I have seen a specialist who said I just had a severe knee sprain and it should slowly recover to 100%. He did not see any issues in his physical examination that suggested the need for an MRI at this time. How long does it take for a knee to heal and a person can resume their more strenuous activities? Can it take a year or more?

shoulder and collar bone pain

It started about 2 years ago. I subluxated my shoulder in work. The doctors did MRI scans and x-rays and said they didn’t find anything but the pain feels like its getting worse every day. The pain is now travelling into what feels like my collar bone. I can hardly sleep and I had a daughter 7 months ago and find it really upsetting that I cant pick her up. I cant lift anything as my shoulder subluxates at least 5 times a week. I need help but no one seems to care they have no explanation and I don’t no where to turn. Please help.

Many thanks

Mark Dean Clark

PT for cartilage damage in patella

Hello. I’m a 27 year old healthy male and in early January I suffered an injury where I tore cartilage from under my knee cap. I went it for arthroscopic surgery on January 24 where they removed the pieces I tore and are harvesting a piece to re-implant in my knee. I’ve been going to physical therapy for about 3-4 weeks now, once a week. Recently, last week, my PT had me lay on my stomach and pushed my knee to bend to about 120 degrees. Prior to that I could only get to about 100. The experience was excruciating and I have never been pushed to that pain threshold ever in my life. He did it again this week on Tuesday and got me to about 125 degrees. Pain was worse.

Now he’s asking me to go twice a week to push to full range of motion before my second surgery, which is where they re-implant my cartilage. That is on March 27. I’ve got 2 1/2 weeks left and I feel like it’s hurting more than it’s helping. I’m so sore for the next few days that I can’t even do my exercises at home. I believe I can achieve those last few degrees at home rather than go through the worst pain of my life. It’s to the point where I’m debating whether or not to go back, regardless of whether I have an appointment or not.

Is the PT right in pushing me THAT far? Should I voice my concern to my surgeon? I feel like they’re both just pushing pushing pushing and not concerned much about my well-being. Maybe find another PT?

Thoracic Spondylosis/T8-9 Right paracentral disc protrusion

For the past 6 months, I have seen everyone from a PT up to a PM Specialist. I just finished up my 3rd and final TESI and I am truly wondering if it is even going to work. The first 2 didn’t work at all and the doctors believe that it really isn’t the disc pushing on the nerve anymore. They figure this only because the medicine should be pushing the disc off the nerve and I should have some relief.

Rewind time….

I felt a pop and an immediate burning sensation when lifting a shoulder width box. I did have some pain traveling into my right bicep but it didn’t last for more than 15 minutes (this bicep pain has never occured since the day of my injury by the way). The box was about 4 feet tall by about 4 inches wide. While I had it standing up on edge, I grasped it and its weight shifted on me. As far as the weight, I couldn’t tell you but it was probably at least 15-20 pounds (it was a console table like you would get at Wal Mart to take home and assemble)

Initially, I was referred for some PT. While I was receiving PT, I told him that if he pushes down in the area I told him about, it causes a lot of pain. So, he did what I didn’t want him to do by feeling around and as he was apologizing, he became very perturbed. He said that he thinks I dislocated my facet joint so he “put it back into place” and I actually felt relief from it. That is until I went back to work and popped it out again. I was in sooooo much pain that I couldn’t even get off the xray table at the doctors that evening. It was an absolutely terrible and painful experience.

Do you think that my PT was correct in that I dislocated my facet joint?? I have very minimal movement on my right side. If I catch it at the right angle or move the right way, I am in pain and automatically, my arm won’t move any further. For my thoracic spine MRI, they actually only noted the spondylosis in T8-9, 9-10 and even 10-11. Could this have built up over the past 6 month as a result of a chain reaction at the T8/9 level? I actually got the MRI 4 months into my injury so I don’t know how fast the spondylosis can occur if things aren’t mechanically working the right way in such a short time. I am also considering the right paracentral disc herniation at T8/9 as well but since they feel it is not pressing up against the nerve, the spondylosis could be the culprit and now they’re thinking of doing a rhizotomy (I think),

Any insight would definitely help. My PT was a really nice guy who specialized with spinal injuries. I have told my doctors of his thoughts on a possible dislocated facet joint but they have never really grasped it. I am in more pain these days than I was at the beginning. I am ready to get this whole thing to be over and done with.


what classes do i take.

microscopic knee surgery

How long is recovery time from microscopic knee surgery.

Achilles Tendon Recovery

I had achilles tendon surgery 12 weeks ago. After my surgery my doctors office closed suddenly and I have not had any physical therapy. I am basically on my own to get this done.

I am able to walk although it is tight and I have pain. I am afraid that I won’t recover since I haven’t had any PT except what I’ve been doing on my own. Do I still have time to fix this or is it going to give me problems forever?

I’ve rented a dynasplint and a raising board thing to stretch the tendon but I just started using them. Is this all I need to do? I want to be able to run again someday.

herniatic disc

do therapy schools need any guinea pig?Imy son need therapy but his insuranse does’t pay for previous cond and i can’t afort to pay what this clinics charge per visit.any help?

Subjects to study for Physical Therapy

I am a student in 2nd year and am dreaming to be a Physical Therapast and i am picking my subjects soon i was wondering what subjects i will have to take to qualify because i will be doing my highers soon

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