I am a 43 yo female with chronic low back pain. I have been through MRIs, CTs, Mylorams, sensory and nerve conduction studies, plain x-rays, ultrasounds and physical therapy. I’ve had cortizone shots, as well. My pain began back in 1986 during my first pregnancy. At 26 I had a partial hysterectomy. Recently I have had two colonoscopies and surgery to remove my ovaries in which they found an extensive amount of scar tissue and endometriosis — which was not the reason I had the partial hysterctomy. Until April 1, 2008, I would experience constant aching in the low back, but only suffered severe bouts about five or six times a year. On March 31, 2008, I fell flat on my back and have had severe low back pain ever since.
My symptoms are as follows: The triangular area at the small of my back will swell enough that I can cup my hand around it. The SI joint on the left side is very tender. I have a stinging pain that goes from the SI joint, around my buttocks and left hip, crossing over to my left groin area, down the inner thigh all the way to my toes. I have severe aching in both my feet. My left knee will swell twice its normal size. I often cannot walk or stand because the weight causes the pain to become more severe. I cannot sleep at night because I can’t get comfortable.
This has always been located on the same side (left) with the same symptoms, although now the symptoms are constant. The doctors don’t seem to be finding anything on any of the tests. My neurologist said that I have mild L5 nerve root damage, but nothing is compressing the L5 nerve root. I do have a small disk bulge at that level, but again, not compressing the root on films. She’s the one that found mass that led to surgery and other findings (that didn’t show up on films, either!)
I had colonoscopy from severe constipation with extreme gas and bloating, but that came out clear, too, but symptoms still exist. And I have had some unexplained weight gain, as well. Any ideas or suggestions on who I should see next?