My left elbow has started to hurt. At rest it is an achey feeling.It also hurts when you palpate on the outer side of it.. When ever I try to straighten it sometimes it catches and I have to bring it back up and then slowly bring it down. When it catches it is a sharp pain. Also when ever I straighten my elbow it pops. Just recently it has started to have a intense sharp pain when I try to use strength in that arm.. I don’t know what is causing this. What do you think is wrong?
(Also I am still going to physical therapy for my shoulder in the same arm for having a SLAP repair, i don’t know if this has anything to do with this.) Just recently when I go to physical therapy the stretches for my shoulder are now hurting my elbow and I don’t know whats wrong.
Please give me any advice you have! I would greatly appreciate it.