so to tell you a bit about my problem i’ll start with saying im a 15 year old female fairly healthy, a soccer player and had been going to physical therapy for about 3weeks earlier this month for what was said to be a “calf strain”. I am kind’ve worried because besides the constant stinging in the calves once in a while I would feel stinging in my hands. i never told my trainers though. I would describe the feeling as pins and needles. So i did some research and here are the things I think could be wrong with me.
-Claudication pain: “pain
that occurs in the legs when walking or exercising. It is usually the result of circulation problems which affects the flow of blood to the leg muscles. In severe cases, the pain may persist even when the patient is inactive”it doesn’t just sting during sports but outside of them like right now im on the couch.
-diabetes- because i also had been getting headaches and pains throughout body and other symptoms but my blood pressure is always normal so im not sure about this idea.
Peripheral neuropathy: Peripheral neuropathy is the term for damage to nerves of the peripheral nervous system, which may be caused either by diseases of the nerve or from the side-effects of systemic illness. Peripheral neuropathy is a common neurological disorder resulting from damage to the peripheral nerves. It may be caused by diseases of the nerves or as the result of systemic illnesses. (Source: excerpt from NINDS Peripheral Neuropathy Information Page: NINDS)
other info on calf burning-
Calf burning sensation (medical symptom): The skin sensation of partial numbness or “pins and needles” or a type of “burning”, “tingling” or “creeping” sensation of the skin, is known as a “paresthesia”. Symptoms may start as a tingling (paresthesia) and change to a numbness, or there may be a combination of decreased sensation (numbness) but with heightened sensations at certain times or with stimulation. Any type of tingling, burning, or numbness is usually a symptom related to a sensory nerve being damaged, diseased, or injured. Causes depend on the exact location of the paresthesia sensations, but typically include a physical nerve injury type condition (e.g. a nerve entrapment or some type of pressure being applied to a nerve directly or to the spinal attachment of that nerve), or a disease condition affecting the nerves (e.g. neuropathy, diabetic neuropathy, multiple sclerosis, diabetes, and others). Having these sensory symptoms in multiple locations, or the recurrence of similar symptoms in different locations is a hallmark symptom of multiple sclerosis, so your doctor will likely ask about the past history of similar symptoms to assess the likelihood of multiple sclerosis as a diagnosis (see symptoms of multiple sclerosis). Any of these tingling or numbness symptoms are more than just annoying; they can indicate a serious medical condition and require prompt medical diagnosis by a professional.
PLEASE HELP IM IN A GREAT DEAL OF PAIN TO THE EXTENT THAT IM CRYING i don’t know what to do and if i tell my dad he won’t do anything he will just say suck it up … im scared for my health and soccer career. thanks your help is greatly appreciated!!!
Also if you have any other ideas please share them anything that can help break the case!