A little back info: I had a major car accident in 2006, and came out with what I assumed was nothing more than a seat belt shaped bruise. I declined offers to go to the emergency room, as I thought I was fine, but a few days after I found that I was in increasingly bad back pain. By the time I found a doctor and was put through physical therapy, most of the muscles in my cervical and thoratic spine had atrophied to some degree, and this limits my mobility and gives me daily pain. Since 2006 I have been on both Ultram and Flexeril to control pain, but they are both doing a whole lot of nothing.
I plan on seeing my doctor today- how should I approach the topic of receiving stronger pain meds without seeming like a junkie? It’s not as if I’m asking to be on morphine… I just want to be able to do things my peers are doing. Being 20 and in pain all the time is pretty depressing.