My mom who just turned 74 a few weeks ago died wednesday afternoon and of course i am devasted and heartbroken over this cause i loved her so much and was close with her and have cried a little but hardly any and i dont understand why…She had empysema and hasnt been in the best of health lately…She had been in and out of the hospital a few times in the past couple of months and was in a nursing home/rehab center getting physical therapy for 6 weeks cause she had been in the hospital for week with pneumonis and needed physical therapy to get stronger and went back in the hospital for a few days after that and she had been home for about 3 weeks and then on april 1st she went back in the hospital again cause she was really sick and weak again and on wednesday afternoon she died of respitory failure…I had a feeling she wasnt gonna make it and like i said i have cried a little but not that much..Visitiation was tonight at the funeral home and tomorrow and on saturday she will be