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I Was Told I Have A Crooked Tail Bone. Is That What Is Causing My Back Pain?

A few weeks ago I started to have bad back pain. It seems to be right on my tail bone and to the right side of my buttocks area. I went to the doctor and he sent me to physical therapy. My physical therapist had my doctor do xrays because the physical therapy wasn’t helping and to make sure I didn’t have a fractured tail bone. He did them yesterday and said I had a crooked tail bone but it didn’t look cracked. He wanted the radiologist to look at them to make sure and I am to go back next week to see the doctor. Does anyone know if a crooked tail bone can cause severe tail bone pain and if so how is it fixed?

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Scoliosis, Pain, Causing Fears And Destress. Help!?

I’m 15 and I was just diagnosed with Scoliosis. Mild, but very painful and extremely uncomfortable. I am alittle confused about it, because I did some research, and it didn’t help. I have yet to talk to my doctor about it but she said Chiropractor. And I am thinking, that since i have tried numerous times in physical therapy, it wont work and i am scared that for the rest of my life i will be in pain. Actually it is quite detressing because i don’t like this problem, saying, again, it really hurts and i am tired of taking numerous pain killer medicine to help it, as, pills are not healthy and i am eating them like candy. “Not really but you get the point”
What do i do???

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I Have A Pinched Nerve And Slipped Disc In My Lower Back That Is Causing Alot Of Pain In My Nerve Roots. It?

particularly hurts me in the nerve root behind my knee and sometimes the back of the leg hamstring. and butt nerve root. What can be done to ease the terrible pain? I’m taking Extra Strength Tylenol. I was going to physical therapy, but stopped and I still do the pt exercises at home, but they don’t really seem to help. Please make some suggestions about what may help ease the pain?

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Lower Back Pain Running Down Left Leg To Heal Of Foot And Causing Light Head?

I injured my lower back about 3 weeks ago. It still has yet to heal after physical therapy. Some of the exercises brought the original pain back. I have noticed lately if im squatting down to pick something up and as I stand I get dizzy/light headed. Any ideas what this could be?

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