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I Had A Cortisone Shot Almost 2 Months Ago, I Still Have A Red Spot At The Injection Site,anybody Now Why?

The pain is still in my shoulder so the shot didnt work, and I am going to physical therapy for the pain. It seems reaccuring, but the red mark left from the shot is worrying me,

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Pain After Cortisone Injection?

Today I had my cortisone injection on my low back L3S1 disc protrusion.
It was almost fine.
Before the injection i started physical therapy and I was doing pretty good with a little pain.
I stopped oxycodene also.
After the injection and about 5-6 hours I started to have a pain , like it was before.
Is that normal?
My spine specialist told me to keep doing physical therapy and at the same time to have an injection to see how it goes.
I am worrying about that pain now and its been 16 hours.
I would appreciate all your help and tips or ideas.
Thank you in advance

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How Long Does The Effects Of A Cortisone Shot Last?

I had surgery on my foot 3 months ago and apparently the Dr. sewed up a nerve during the surgery and I’m having pain.
I tried anti-inflammatories, pain meds, physical therapy and now 2 weeks ago he gave me a cortisone shot. It felt great the first week and now it feels the same as it did before the shot.
I thought cortisone is supposed to work for months? Is it possible it only helped me for a week?

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Had A Cortisone Shot Today, How Long Does This Pain Last?

Received a cortisone shot today on my right knee for a torn ligament 3 months ago. Knee was alot better with physical therapy last appt with dr today. Stated a cortisone shot will releive the rest of the swelling in my knee and gave me the shot. Knee feels like when I first hurt it, but worse. Can’t stand, walk, straighten or bend right leg. I am icing it. Is this pain normal? How long does this last?

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Help With Back Pain, Cortisone Shots/surgery/physical Therapy..ect.?

I was diagnosed with a disk protrusion two years ago (L-1/L-2 vertebra). Since then I’ve had two cortisone injections, physical therapy and a diskectomy (sp??) where the Dr. surgically trimmed off the portion of the disk that was protruding. It did feel better for about a month but started hurting again. Since then I’ve had another MRI which showed that the disk has collapsed, another cortisone injection and no relief. It has actually gotten worse since the last cortisone injection to the point that I have a hard time walking, can’t sit for more than 30-45 minutes, can’t pick up my daughters, and now have a sharp pain running down my right side when I stride out while walking. I’ve spoke to my Dr. about a Tens Unit and will be getting one shortly, he has also recommended two more cortisone injections (a week apart), and we have ruled out physical therapy as it seemed to have little to no effect.
Now for my questions:
1. Would it be worthwhile having two more injections? The last one did help relieve the pain but it only lasted about a week at best, and the pain is much worse now than before.
2. I am thinking about filing for disability, it’s been two years since I was able to work (5years as a Paramedic, Two years as a Lab Specialist), as I can’t perform my required duties because of the pain. I’ve been told that it’s very hard to get any type of disability for back pain, is this true (I have MRIs that show the damage, along with medical records for the treatments and medical visits)?
3. I am also thinking of trying to file for a handicap sticker until I get either the problem fixed or the pain managed (I am now having a hard time just walking thru the local Wal-Mart parking lot these days!!). I am in Texas and can’t find any info online with the state giving the requirements and guidelines for handicap stickers.
4. Are there any other ideas that one might have that cold help with the back and pain issues? I really don’t want another surgery if I can avoid it, I’ve also found that soaking in a hot-tub helps more than anything but that just isn’t an option financially and I don’t think that my insurance (while very good (Tri-Care, military) would be willing to shell out the cash for a hot-tub to make my back feel better!! I love em, but I don’t think they love me as much to be willing to do that!! I’ve tried cortisone shots, physical therapy, surgery, soaking in hot water, using one of those bath spas, resting, exercising, prayer, chiropractor, massage therapy, dancing in the rain.. You name it I’ve tried it!!!! I’m hoping maybe someone might have other ideas..
Any help on any of these questions would be most appreciated. Thanks for your time and help.

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