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My Knee Is Giving Out On Me After Having A L Knee Scope With Lateral Release 4 1/2 Months Ago…what Do I Do?

My left knee gives out on me frequently and at random times…this causes a lot of pain. I take glucosamine and have tried numerous pain meds, physical therapy for 2 months after surgery, knee brace and a post-surgery cortizone shot less than 3 weeks ago. I had a knee scope with lateral release on my right knee in August and the left knee done in December. The right knee is doing ok while the left knee is giving me fits. I am also getting pain along my shin when trying to extend my knee.

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Has Anyone Had A Lateral Release ? How Did It Go And What Would You Tell Others About It?

I tore my lateral meniscus that was repaired in July. I still have knee pain and it feels like the knee cap is jammed in the bottom of my knee. I have tried physical therapy, with no results.
Any advice?

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Pain In The Lateral Part Of My Foot (side) Help?

I had an injury to my ankle 5 years ago i had physical therapy for a couple months but since then on occasion i have this pain on the side of my foot it isnt that flat part that touches the ground its just a lil bit above that there is like a bone there that is the pain. like the past 3 days i mean terrible pain. pain to touch pain at night when i sleep numbness now . i push on it and it hurts but the hurt is good you know. i wrap it and it hurts too much. Also if i twist my foot the other way it gives some relief.???? so any ideas? does this have to do with the arch like can i buy something over the counter to put in my shoe to help or something ..this is crazy pain. I will be making an appointment tomorrow but any body have any thoughts or ideas until i can get into see my dr.

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When Will The Pain Stop After Lateral Release Surgery?

Tuesday I went in for a cartilidge repair on my knee.When I woke up I found out the Doc also did a Lateral release along with the cartilidge repair.I wasn’t prepared for this much pain.Anyone else had this done?
Also I did start Torture (Physical) Therapy….yikes!

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