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For Those That Have Experience Back Pain While Pregnant- How Did You Deal With It?

I am 17 weeks pregnant today. For the last 5 days I have had very bad back pain four out of the five days. I talked to my doctor yesterday and she suggested Tylenol and heating pads (both of which I have been doing the last 4 days) But my back pain is still rather
strong. I am getting very concerned since I have a toddler at home and all the regular duties as a SAHM. Just thinking about going through this for another 21 weeks is really worrying me. I don’t think I can handle it. So for those that have had chronic back pain- What helped the most? When did yours start? How long did it last? Did it last only a few days, weeks or the rest of the pregnancy.
My doctor also suggested that I get a Belly Band. I order that today but it will take about a week to get here. She also said that I could have physical therapy, but I really would like to avoid that if possible. Thanks for your help.

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Ok.. Trying This Again Yahoo Ate Half My Question… 12 Weeks Pregnant, Uncontrollable Hip Pain?

Ok so… Since becoming pregnant, technically my 4th pregnancy, but I’ve had 2 miscarries so this will be baby number 2. My hips have widened and my joints seem to have decided to loosen up like they did early on in my pregnancy with my son.
My one hip (left one) keeps going out of place, I have had the chiropractor put it back into place twice already and it is out for the third time. My OB is aware of the pain it’s causing me, and prescribed me some pain meds that should take off the edge of the pain.
I took one about 30 minutes ago, and normally it will start helping within 10-20. I’m feeling absolutely no relief and the pain is making me sick.
Any suggestions on how to help this pain? I’ve tried heating pads, warm baths, massage, none of it is working tonight.
Should I call “Ask a Nurse” and see what they suggest, or just try to ride it out til Monday when I start physical therapy?
**Honest opinions here please, and I don’t need anyone getting on me about taking the pain medication my OB prescribed**

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Pregnant With Chronic Serious Pain?

Ive had chronic pain for about 6 years now, since the 5th month of my first pregnancy. They didnt take me serious at that time until about the last month when they gave me tylenol 3 to take twice a day. After giving birth the pain actually got worse. So I had been taking hydrocodon 5 mg up to 5 x a day for all those years. I never ever went to extra doctors for it or pretended I lost it to get more or anything like that. Even if I had to go to a prompt care for anything I made sure they knew I was already on pain medicine and I refused it if they tried to give me more. I went to 3 different sets of physical therapy 1 that was over 2 months long. Done all the MRI and xray they’ve wanted, been completely cooperative. I have REAL pain. Now I am pregnant again….the pain never lessened enough that I didnt need medicine just to function normally and move and be productive, but now that I am pregnant (almost 7 months) it is getting MUCH worse…more like it was right after I had my daughter. My regular doctor weened me off of the vicodin, but then my OB gave me limited amounts of darvecet because she could tell how bad it was and I really can barely walk. She doesnt want to keep a continous prescription for them going, so she sent me to pain management. My first appointment is in Nov. I dont know what to expect there. Will they give me medicine? Even though Im pregnant? What will they do for me? Regaurdless what it is, I need some help for this.

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Pain, Pregnant, And Percocet?

I’m 28 weeks pregnant and having severe back pain that started at about 24 weeks and is getting worse. I recently found out that it’s my right leg jarring my spine (I’ll leave out all the details) and all my OB keeps telling me is to take Tylenol and it’s just not doing anything. I started my physical therapy yesterday and it’s still getting worse. He’s got a plan to fix this but it’s going to take a little while. I go back for another session tomorrow but I want to know why all these pregnant women could take stronger pain killers such as Percocet and I have to suffer thru this sometimes unbareble pain and no one will offer me anything to help. I just sit at night and cry running around with my two small children because it gets so bad. Is there any other advice someone can give? I appreciate it.

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Physical Therapy While Pregnant?

I am 28 weeks pregnant and have been having severe pain in my left hip. My doctor has just recommended that I start physical therapy. However, the more active I am, the more my hip hurts. How is this going to help?? My hip feels the best when I wake up in the morning because I’ve been resting for 8-9 hours. This doesn’t quite make sense to me…

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Has Anyone Out There Ever Done Physical Therapy While Pregnant?

I’m 24 weeks pregnant with scoliosis, sciatic nerve damage, and an autoimmune disorder that effects my joints. My midwife referred me to physical therapy but I’m a little scared. Today is my first appointment and I’m a little nervous about what all she’ll make me do and how much pain I’ll be in afterwards.

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Anyone Had Physical Therapy While Pregnant For Pelvis Pain Issues?

I have been having a lot of pain in night which feels like my ovaries. It is not the same stretching of the ligments that most people get. I have endometriosis and I have had these pains before and just had another surgery in May. The doctor couldn’t find any other reason I might be having the pains I am having other than scar tissue from my surgeries. He has me starting physical therapy next week. Has anyone else has anything like this and what type of physical therapy do they do for pains in the reproductive organs? I know I will find out next week, but I am curious if anyone else has experienced this.

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Physical Therapy For Severe Hip Pain While Pregnant?

I am 17 weeks pregnant and I have been having severe hip pain. I am now going to PT. What do they do? All exercises? Any special considerations bc i’m prego?

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