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Scoliosis, Pain, Causing Fears And Destress. Help!?

I’m 15 and I was just diagnosed with Scoliosis. Mild, but very painful and extremely uncomfortable. I am alittle confused about it, because I did some research, and it didn’t help. I have yet to talk to my doctor about it but she said Chiropractor. And I am thinking, that since i have tried numerous times in physical therapy, it wont work and i am scared that for the rest of my life i will be in pain. Actually it is quite detressing because i don’t like this problem, saying, again, it really hurts and i am tired of taking numerous pain killer medicine to help it, as, pills are not healthy and i am eating them like candy. “Not really but you get the point”
What do i do???

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Scoliosis Pain!?! Helpppp. Doctor Is Retarded.?

I got an xray for my back and i have minor scoliosis 11 degrees. My parents are constently and I also am reminding my self to sit and stand straight. Sometimes when i do this, my shoulder hurts and my a lil on my back. My knees aren’t aligned when i’m in the sit up position, the tops aren’t even.
I’m 15. I asked the doctor if i should get physical therapy or something, a brace? and she said the brace is for 25 degrees but she said i dont need phyical therapy, she told me that we’ll just contiue to monitor it.
But what if it gets worse!?
Any suggestions for the pain and how to help my scoliosis decrease instead of increasing???

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Back Pain Associated With Scoliosis?

when i was in the 6th grade i was diagnosed with scoliosis. i had to wear a back brace for 22 hours a day. i dont remember what the degree of the curve was, but i had to wear it through my growth spurt bc my spine is 3 in away from my heart, and it would have punctured my heart. well i got out of the brace 2 years later and felt fine. well over the past few years the pain has got rediculous. i have went to the dr and the dr has given me pain meds and i hate taking med and it didnt make things better, the only actual thing that has made it better is popping it. i know you arent suppose to, but it seems to be the only relief. if i am at work walking around all day and go to the bathroom, i cant stand straight back up when im through, i feel huntched over and in great pain, i have to go find a chair and pop my back to unlock my back which feels like it is locked up and thats the only way to unlock it. i cant afford physical therapy so that is out of the question, idk what else to do?

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How To Decrease The Curvature Of Scoliosis?

Aside from wearing brace and the usual therapy, what else may decrease the curvature of spine? My scoliosis is S-shaped both are above 40 degrees. I’ve been to chiro and they taught me some pain managements. Physical therapist taught me the usual therapy. While medical doctors suggested operation.
I want my scoliosis to be at least 20 degrees each. I’m 20 years old.
Please help!

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Pain After Scoliosis Surgery?

I had spinal fusion surgery last June 2009, I’m 40 y/o. I am still having back pain after being up for a couple of hours and after doing some activities. I am going back to work on Monday and I don’t think I’m ready for it. I haven’t done any physical therapy and one other thing, I am having restless leg syndrome and my doctor said its not related from the surgery, what should I do? I’m still on pain medication, without the meds it’s harder for me to get up and start my day. My surgeon told me that it will take a year to heal and recover completely. Can someone tell me if the pain and restless leg syndrome is normal after this surgery. I am having a hard time moving when I am in pain, my body is telling me to lay down and rest. I’m going back to work, how would I manage my work if I am having so much pain after a couple of hours. My meds (vicodin) reduces the pain but not totally, and it makes me sleepy. Extra strength tylenol doesn’t help me.

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Did You Ever Have Back Pain After Having A Baby When You Had Scoliosis?

My son is 13 months old and about a month or two ago I started getting these really bad pains in my back. I have scoliosis and I had a spinal fusion to correct it. I guess the bottom where the rods weren’t placed has gotten worse. That isnt where the pain is.
Anyways…. My doctor said that pain is common after having a baby and is having me go into physical therapy. He says that if the physical thereapy doesn’t help then he wants to get a bone scan done to see if it is a “false joint”. I had my surgery five years ago this july.
I was wondering how common it is to have have pain after a spinal fusion and after having a baby when you have had the operation.

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What Does It Mean To Have Osteoarthritis And Scoliosis?

I’m 26 and I just found out that I have Osteoarthritis and Scoliosis in my lower back. What exactly does this mean for me? My doctor was kind of vague with me with this diagnosis. I have a LOT of lower back pain and it hurts all the time and I don’t know what to do. My doctor recommended physical therapy, but my work’s health insurance doesn’t cover it. I have tried Aleve, but it doesn’t phase it.

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What Medication Could I Receive For Pain Resulting From Scoliosis?

I was diagnosed with Scoliosis when I was in high school. It is not severe enough to require surgery, but I have almost constant pain because of it, to the point where I often can’t sleep at night. My treatment has been abysmal. Physical therapy was hardly the answer to my pain problems, and using Advil, Tylenol, etc. is just a joke. I am considering asking my doctor for some medication that actually works, but I have heard that this often results in being “flagged” for trying to get painkillers, with me getting perhaps a recommendation for more physical therapy. I was just wondering how common it is to receive Vicodin, Percocet, etc. for this condition. I have had friends offer me painkillers, but I really don’t want to have to go the illegal route to obtain necessary medication. However, I sure can’t imagine spending the rest of my life being severely achy and sleepy because my stupid back wants to make me miserable.

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How Can I Get Rid Of Back Pain Due To Scoliosis?

I’ve had scoliosis now for about 10 years. I was braced when I was about 11 or 12 but now that i’ve stopped growing i don’t need the brace. I’ve always had back pain and pain in my ribs but now that i’ve had a baby its worse. My lower back and my neck hurts all the time. Is there anything a doctor can do that doesn’t involve surgery? and i’ve tried physical therapy and back stretches…..

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Hello I Have Scoliosis And I Have Tried The Physical Therapy And The Back Brace But Neither Of Them Have?

worked and the pain is causing me to have trouble walking and breathing if i want to get rid of this pain would surgery be my best option and how much pain would be reduced

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